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MPBC Website Help

mp3 files

You can play or download these mp3 files recorded from our worship services.

Click to play or right click and select "save link as" or "download linked file" etc.. to download.

You should be able to open and play the mp3 files with your media player. (example - Windows Media Player)

You can play them in your browser if you have the free Quicktime plug in. Click Here.

You can also download itunes free if you Click Here.

Site sizing

Our website is sized using ems. (its dimensions are relative to your browser font size)
This means you can zoom in or out or change the size of the whole page by increasing or decreasing your font size.
This is usually done on windows by holding down the control key and then hitting either the + or - keys.
(command on Macs)

The images on the activities page do not zoom for now because they are changed frequently.
(They zoom in Firefox and Opera without em sizing - nice)

Browser support

W3C maintains html standards.
Everything you could possibly want to know about html and css can be found there.

Our website is compliant to the W3C standards. (free from html and css errors)

Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional   Valid CSS!

The W3C would create or decide upon the specifications.
Web page programs would implement those specs when creating pages.
Web browsers would be built according to those specs so pages would be displayed correctly.

Unfortunately, this is an ongoing process that is not fixed yet.

For that reason, It is always a good idea to get the latest version of whatever browser you use.

Internet Explorer 6 is not compliant, Internet Explorer 7 is a little better, but still lacking.

Extra steps have been taken to make our site work with IE 6 & 7.

The following information is not intended to bash IE, it's intended to help resolve issues.

These issues can arise when you are visiting websites made by people who are not aware of them.

IE6 will display a page in quirks mode if the page has an xml declaration.
This means IE6 will render the page as if it was IE5 for backward compatibility.
Newer webpage programs can add the xml declaration, but IE6 doesn't know what it is or what to do with it.
When this happens, layouts are broken, dimensions change, etc....
IE 6 has a box model problem. Wiki definition

Here are some IE7 issue links.
(fixes)Here is a list of CSS features and changes for IE7
(issues)Chris Wilson, Internet Explorer 7 and CSS 2.1 compliance

If you use IE, upgrade to the latest version as soon as possible.

Considering that IE is also vulnerable due to active x among other things, we prefer other browsers like Firefox or Safari. (use IE to get windows updates)

You can get Firefox or Safari and others at the following links.

Get Safari   Get Firefox   Get Opera   More browsers

You can also install a firefox add-on to block web adds, this will speed up browsing.

It is called Adblock Plus

These are just options though, use whatever you like.

If you need help with any site issues we are not aware of, send an Email


God Is Good!